Zuzanna Patora

Her middle name is Multitasking!

She manages projects, handles social media, shares her knowledge, and above all, takes care of the team atmosphere.
Zuzanna Patora

zuzanna patora

project manager
/ zuzanna.patora
„ Everystory has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Not necessarily in that order. “ — Tim Burton
She takes on every new challenge, learns very quickly, and adapts easily.

At Reequest, she specializes in special tasks, especially in organizing birthdays and team-building events :)

A student of New Media and Digital Culture with a specialization in Social Media at the Faculty of Philology, University of Lodz, a graduate of the Academy of Leaders of the Saint Nicholas Foundation, a participant in an exciting cruise with Pogoria, and a dancer in the performance "Elements of Women" by Katarzyna Regulska and Adam Kuza.

Privately, she is a lover of discovering new places, engaging books, terrifying horrors, and a shopaholic :)

In her free time, she delves into the secrets of the beauty world, develops her social media profiles, dances, and also takes care of her five African snails.

Some wonder when she sleeps :)

A go-getter who always carries her four calendars with her.

As for interesting facts, she is a enthusiast of Jewish culture (she has been learning Hebrew for two years), the creator of a bachelor's thesis on serial killers, and a restaurant and cafe tester (she loves food).

Zuza through the eyes of other team members:
Dynamic and organized, she brought in a great energy :) Friendly towards everyone. She fits perfectly in her role. It seems that she can get along with and find a common language with everyone. She can be direct but also chill and simply have a chat. She recognizes the need to balance work organization with building our internal relationships.

Zuza in a few words?
"Open, optimistic, multitasking. An exceptionally unique specimen."

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