joanna juszczak

Joanna has been here almost from the beginning!

In our team, she takes care of graphic design in a broad sense, including logos, visual identities, key visuals, as well as DTP layout, designing catalogs, folders, presentations, and graphic materials for printing, as well as for digital use (e.g., social media) and much more!
Joanna Juszczak

joanna juszczak

senior graphic designer
“ Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted. “

- John Lennon.
Hardworking and dedicated to her work, she can boast of above-average attendance throughout her long career. She might forget to water the office plants and won't share her sweets, but she's always ready to help in a crisis with her "emergency kit" from her magical drawer (you'll find literally everything there). Her mediator personality makes her polite and idealistic, with a poetic soul, always willing to help for a good cause.

What is she like privately?
She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. She is interested in cinema, ranging from world cinema classics to the most absurd, low-budget B-movie horrors. She loves music—not every kind, but diverse genres. She is fascinated by design and contemporary art that stimulates thinking and analysis. She is intrigued by topics related to psychology, sociology, and socio-cultural transformations. Like many women, she enjoys delving into fashion, beauty, and makeup. She loves good food, but cooking is definitely not her passion. She loves dogs, Raffaello candies, and shoes, but she hates winter and spiders. Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a standing ovation to the employee with the longest tenure at Reequest, Joanna Juszczak—Senior Graphic Designer.

Joanna through the eyes of other team members:
"Employee of the year," "Quiet water, kind, always helpful," "Reserved, taciturn, but incredibly talented and professional," "Perfectionist."

Joanna in a few words?
"Quiet water, perfectionist, aesthetics and beauty enthusiast, a woman with an extraordinary gaze."

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