Conceptual design: At the beginning of the prototyping process, project goals are defined, target groups are identified, user needs are gathered, and basic website functions and content are determined.

Sketching: Sketches are initial drawings or diagrams that depict the layout and composition of elements on the web page. Sketching allows for quick visualization of ideas and exploration of different layouts and solutions.

Wire framing: A wireframe is a simplified sketch of a web page that illustrates the layout and hierarchy of elements. Wireframes are often created as hand-drawn or digitally designed basic sketches without the inclusion of graphic details and content.

Interactive prototyping: At this stage, interactive prototypes of web pages are created using interface design tools or specialized software. Interactive prototypes enable the simulation of real user interactions with the website interface, such as navigating menus, clicking buttons, filling out forms, and more.

Prototyping testing: After creating prototypes, user testing is conducted to evaluate their usability, comprehensibility, and effectiveness. Prototyping testing allows for the identification of issues, interface optimization, and necessary adjustments before the final website implementation.

Website prototyping enables designers and design teams to explore and refine functionality, navigation, layout, and interactions before proceeding with the full website implementation. It allows for quick iteration, gathering user feedback, and making changes, leading to a better final version of the website with carefully considered usability and functionality.
Prototyping in the context of websites refers to the process of creating preliminary interactive versions of web pages before their full implementation. It involves simulating interactions and functions that will be present on the final website in order to understand and test them before implementation.
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