Information structure: It involves organizing content on the website in a logical and hierarchical manner. The information structure determines how different sections, subpages, and elements are related and how the site's navigation is organized.

Navigation: This is a system that enables users to move around the site and find the information they need. It can include navigation bars, dropdown menus, links, back-to-top buttons, search bars, and other elements that facilitate navigation.

Information hierarchy: It determines the importance and relationships between different elements and sections of content on the site. More important and relevant elements to the user should be highlighted and easily accessible, while less important elements may be placed lower in the hierarchy.

Content grouping: It involves logically grouping related content to make it easier for users to find information. This can include categories, tags, thematic sections, or other ways of organizing content.

Indexing and searchability: For larger websites, it is important to provide indexing and search capabilities so that users can quickly find the information they need. This may involve implementing a search function, filtering options, tags, indexes, or tools for navigating search results.

Color scheme and styling: Website architecture may also involve an appropriate color scheme and styling that helps users distinguish different sections and elements on the site and contributes to the overall aesthetic impression of the site.

The architecture of a website aims to provide an intuitive and effective user experience, facilitate navigation and information retrieval, and increase usability and user satisfaction.
In the context of website design, the term "Architecture" refers to the informational structure and organization of content on a website. It is the process of designing the layout of pages, navigation, and information hierarchy in a way that allows users to easily find the information they need and perform actions on the site.
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