Packaging STEP BY STEP:

Aesthetics and brand identity:

Packaging designers strive to create visual appeal that will attract consumer attention. At the same time, they must maintain consistency with the brand's visual identity, taking into account the logo, colors and other distinctive elements.


Packaging must perform specific functions, such as protecting the product from damage, preserving freshness, ease of opening and closing, and ergonomics for the user.

Product Information:

Designers must include space for essential product information such as ingredients, instructions for use, expiration date, bar codes, etc. These elements are important for consumers and regulatory compliance.

Type of materials:

Choosing the right materials is crucial. Designers need to consider eco-friendly trends, durability, as well as printing and packaging formability.

Distinction on the store shelf:

Packaging must be designed to stand out on the store shelf, attracting consumer attention among competing products.

Marketing aspects:

Packaging designers often work with the marketing team to ensure that the packaging effectively communicates the value of the product and attracts the target audience.
Packaging design is a specialty in graphic design that focuses on creating attractive, functional and compelling packaging for products.

Packaging designers must consider both aesthetics and the practical aspects of product storage, transportation and presentation.
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