Research & Insight


Market Research: Market research involves analyzing competition, identifying trends, determining customer preferences and behaviors, and assessing market growth prospects. Market research helps identify key factors influencing the project and provides insights into the context in which the brand or product operates.

User Research: User research is the process of collecting information about the needs, expectations, preferences, and behaviors of target users. It may involve techniques such as interviews, observations, surveys, usability testing, etc. User research allows for a better understanding of the target audience and tailoring the project to their needs.

Data Analysis: Data analysis involves processing and interpreting collected data, such as demographic statistics, usability metrics, market trends, research findings, etc. Data analysis provides insights and helps identify key findings and trends that may impact the project.

Persona and Customer Journey: Persona is a fictional profile representing a typical user/customer. It is created based on user research results and includes information about their goals, needs, preferences, demographics, etc. CustomerJourney maps the stages and touchpoints of the user's interaction with the brand or product. Persona and Customer Journey help better understand the user experience and tailor the project to their needs.

Competitor Analysis: Competitor analysis involves studying the actions, strategies, brand, and products of competing companies. It helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and find ways to differentiate and create unique value in the project.

Research and Insight provide deeper understanding, context, and insights that are necessary for making informed design decisions.
Research and Insight refers to the process of gathering information, analyzing data, and extracting insights to better understand users, the market, trends, and context, leading to informed design decisions.
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