Naming & Claims

Professional step-by-step naming process:

Brand identity transformation involves several stages that help in creating an effective and appropriate name for a product, company, or service.

Here are a few key stages of the naming process:

Goal and strategy definition: At the beginning, it is important to define the purpose of creating a new name and the strategy it is intended to represent. Is it about standing out in the market, conveying a specific value, or building brand recognition?

Research and analysis: Next, research is conducted to better understand the targetaudience, competition, and the context in which the name will operate. Industry trends are analyzed, market research is conducted, and information is gathered that can influence the naming process.

Idea generation: The next stage involves generating creative ideas for the name. This may include creating a list of keywords, word combinations, metaphors, or references to product or company features.

Selection and evaluation: After generating a wide range of ideas, the best candidates are selected. The names are then evaluated based on their alignment with the goal, strategy, availability of domain names, ease of pronunciation, cross-cultural understanding, etc.

Legal verification: When a few potential names are chosen, it is important to check if they are legally available. This involves researching whether the name is already registered as a trademark or domain.

Testing: In some cases, it is valuable to conduct name testing to gauge the target audience's reactions. Surveys, focus groups, or A/B tests can be conducted togather feedback on preferences and associations. Final name and slogan selection and development: Based on all the gathered information.
Naming refers to the process of creating a name for a product. See how we approach the entire process of naming for your brand.

Claims - it is the process of creating advertising slogans for a brand. The advertising slogan often explains what the company is engaged in.
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