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3D Animation Step by Step:

Modeling: The first step in 3D animation is creating three-dimensional models of objects, characters, scenes, and other elements that will be animated. Modeling involve screating the geometry, shape, and structure of these objects in a three-dimensional space.

Texturing: After creating the models, the next step is giving them textures and materials. Texturing involves adding colors, textures, patterns, materials with different textures, and other detailed appearances that provide realism and stylization to the objects.

Animation: This is a key element of 3D animation, involving the creation of movement andanimation of objects. The animation process includes manipulating thethree-dimensional models by setting keyframes, determining motion trajectories, changing shape, and transforming objects.

Lighting: Proper lighting is crucial in 3D animation as it affects the look, mood, and realism of the scene. Animation creators manipulate light by determining itsdirection, intensity, warmth, and other properties to achieve the intendedvisual effect.

Rendering: After completing the animation process, rendering takes place, which involves generating final images and visual sequences based on the created models, textures, animations, and lighting. Rendering is a time-consuming process that requires significant computational power.

Post-production: In the post-production stage, special effects, color corrections, sound, music, and other elements are added to complement and enhance the final result of the 3D animation.

3D animation is widely used in industries such as film, advertising, video games, architecture, medicine, education, and many others. Due to its three-dimensional nature and the ability to give motion and life to objects, 3D animation allows for the creation of visually impressive and creative productions.
Animation is the process of creating moving images and sequences using three-dimensional models and computer technology. It involves creating an illusion of motion and depth in a three-dimensional environment, allowing static objects, characters, and scenes to come to life.
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